Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Who I am and What I intend to do . . .

Hello I’m Necther Louie Souribio, a game programmer and this year I successfully finished my studies. I have a few months before I can get my results so I decided to use my time wisely and boost up my portfolio. My goal is to be a gameplay programmer and in order to achieve that I will challenge myself and develop a number of gameplay mechanics in a short time frame. I want to have at least 2 demos of a game that will showcase my technical and creative ability as a game developer and without further ado I’ll start it off by introducing the first game idea that I will develop.

The idea is to develop a hack n slash style action adventure game that only has swords as weapons. The idea is for the character to trigger their skills by chaining combos. This will be a combination of the combo mechanic found in fighting games and skills found on action RPG games.

The combat will be a real time hack n slash. The player character will be tied down to the ground which means that there will be no jumping required. The attacks will all be melee with the usage of swords and each type of sword will have a different set of skills. A number of slots will be provided for a choice of swords for the player and switching between them can be done manually by the player. A stamina value will be used and will be depleted for every attack action the player does.

A gamepad controller will be used as an input because it will be much easier to create the combo mechanic with a controller rather than a keyboard. Keyboard controls will be present but a gamepad controller will be the main input.

Game Engine

I will use Unity3D free version to develop the game demo which means quality will be low but to showcase my ability as a programmer, quality of the graphics really isn’t a big problem. Unity3D offers rapid prototyping of a game which is why I chose this engine.

The Objective
I’m aiming to have a working demo of a level that will present the combat gameplay that I have in mind. My main focus here is to develop the combat gameplay and the others will follow second. I will be updating here as much as I could and I will give myself a rule to update every week of the progress that I’ve made on the game.

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